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2017 Rereading Goals

So, what is the point of loving and owning so many books if we never read them again? It makes no sense. Therefore, I think it’s extremely important to re-experience those worlds and those characters that are so dear to our hearts, because if we don’t, then they will be forgotten and what we might have loved will be lost.

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Recap #1: January Reading Goals

January has been stressful and my reading-as- many- books-as- I- can enthusiasm has gone down the drain. I knew this was going to happen. It was obvious.  But at least, I managed to read  three novels, a novella and two comic book issues. Also, I only read one book from my reading goals post (of course.)

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I should write, but I don’t


I’ve always known that writing is the sole purpose of my life.  However, I don’t do it. I know I should, but I don’t.

This problem comes from the fear I have of opening up my computer and not doing justice to the story and characters that live inside my head.

Every time I start writing, it seems wrong. The arc, the point and the character changes whenever I type them down, and then the story is never quite the same. I hate it.

Therefore, I feel more comfortable keeping it inside me.

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