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2017 Rereading Goals

So, what is the point of loving and owning so many books if we never read them again? It makes no sense. Therefore, I think it’s extremely important to re-experience those worlds and those characters that are so dear to our hearts, because if we don’t, then they will be forgotten and what we might have loved will be lost.

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Recap #1: January Reading Goals

January has been stressful and my reading-as- many- books-as- I- can enthusiasm has gone down the drain. I knew this was going to happen. It was obvious.  But at least, I managed to read  three novels, a novella and two comic book issues. Also, I only read one book from my reading goals post (of course.)

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#read100 Challenge

A while ago, I watched Richard’s #read100 video, in which he talks about reading a 100 pages of a book everyday, before checking his social media or anything else that could potentially slow down his reading.

And, since I’m on the hunt for new methods to improve my reading habits I’ll be trying this challenge.

If this works for me, I’ll be able to finally kill and bury the slacker inside me because to be honest:

Realistically speaking, I now I won’t be reading all of the pages in one sitting. But I can read them sparingly throughout the day.

Also, if I’m not enjoying the book I’m reading and I’m struggling too much I will dnf it and pick up another.

Anyhow, if you think this is a good idea or if you want to try this method too, please let me know. Because I would love to see your progress and share mine with you too.

Richard’s video: