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Carry On by Rainbow Rowell Book Review (Non-Spoiler)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A thorough overview of my feelings while reading this book can be seen through the following picture.


However, even though I had a blast reading it, I know why some people might experience the opposite.

Therefore, I suggest you don’t read this book if you expect:

a) an epic fantasy story, with an intricate magic system.
b) a plot driven tale full of action and adventure.
c) unpredictable plot twists that will leave you at the end of your seat.
d) a Fangirl sequel.

Consequently, if you go to this book with such high expectations, then you are in for disappointment.

On the other hand, I’m sure to suggest you read this book if you want:

a) A hot romance.
b) To laugh out loud and have fun.
c) To squirm and feel jittery inside.
d) The Harry Potter nostalgia.
e) Get attached to cool new characters.

Moreover, I suggest not taking the story too seriously and just have fun.

To summarize, this book is a fun Harry Potter fan fiction-like story of magic, love, betrayal and friendship. That I recommend, especially if you are into romance and funny, heart-warming stories.