Hi reader, my name is Ambar.

Age: 22

Nationality: Puerto Rican

Birthday: Sept. 27

Occupation: Full time student, part time employee and occasional book reviewer.

Hobbies: Watch Youtube videos, go to the movies, watch T.V. series, read, go out to eat and write.

Types of  books I read: I read mostly young adult fiction, but usually I try reading books with premises that sound interesting, without taking into consideration which genre it is from or the target audience. I tend to stay away from young adult over-hyped new releases.

Rating System:

1/5 is for books I absolutely disliked. I felt like reading them was a waste of time and energy. Wouldn’t recommend.

2/5  is for disappointing books that wasted their potential. I expected much more from them but they didn’t deliver. I wouldn’t recommend

3/5 is for books I partially enjoyed. They had good bits in them that weren’t enough to make the story better. Would recommend.

3.5/5 is for books I enjoyed mostly but could’ve been exponentially better. Would recommend.

4/5 is for books that I couldn’t give a 5 star because (a theme, a character, a decision, a scene, etc.) prevented the story from being as great as it could’ve been without it.

5/5 is for books I absolutely loved and would forever re-read.

Disclaimer: I’m not being payed for reviewing books. I do this  because I want to give out my opinion on something  I feel passionate about, to meet and befriend other people that share my interest in reading (which in real life is very unlikely to happen) and to have fun. Because I think doing this is one of the most fun things to do when actually I decide to fight the procrastinator in me and actually sit on my ass to type the damned review.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and for gifting me your time. I hope we get to talk and discuss some books soon.


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