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The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang (non- spoiler) Book Review

Rating: 4/5 stars

Genre: Adult Romance

First off, I absolutely enjoyed this novel and would recommend it to all chic lit fans out there.

The best way to summarize the plot is this: gender swapped version of Pretty Woman. 
Here’s a list of what I enjoyed the most:

1. Stella (the autistic econometrician,who hires an escort to teach her how to be better at relationships.)
2. Michael (the selfless and kindest male escort on the planet, who’s more than just a hot body.)
3. The steamy and (quite graphic) consensual sex.
4. Stella’s portrayal , including her voice and eccentricities.#ownvoices
5. The healthy and natural relationship between the main characters.

On the other hand, I think it would’ve been better if the author would’ve stuck with Stella’s POV.

Switching between Stella’s perspective (who’s such a particular and mostly fleshed out character) to Michael’s perspective (who’s not as fleshed out and a little too good for his own good) killed some of my enjoyment for the book. I couldn’t imagine a guy like Michael, thinking the way he did, he almost had a girly voice. 

Moreover, I would’ve preferred experiencing him from Stella’s perspective and not his own. But, aside from that, the story was cute and heart warming and I highly recommend it.




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