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Nowhere Near You by Leah Thomas (non-spoiler) review

My Rating: 5,000/5

Goodreads rating: 4.29

Goodreads link:

Dear Leah Thomas, please write a third book. I beg you. 

This book is the second installment to Because You’ll Never Meet Me, a coming of age story of two teenage misfits that become pan pals and best friends even though they can’t never, ever meet because they could, literally, die.

As the author states in the acknowledgments section of the book, BYNMM didn’t need a sequel. However, Thomas developed what already were very complex and human characters into even more intricate and well-rounded individuals. She used all the elements that made her first book so special and made this addition completely and utterly necessary.

This book touches darker themes such as death, guilt, depression and rejection. Also, it adds a new set of unforgettable characters that will touch your heart as Ollie and Mortiz go through a journey of self-discovery and healing.

Moreover, this is the best sequel I could’ve hoped for and would love for Thomas to keep writing more books following Ollie and Mortiz and to meet more children from the laboratory.

I really loved NNY and I HIGHLY recommend. 



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