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Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor Book Review (non-spoiler)

Rating: 4.5/5

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Mystery


Lazlo Strange, an orphaned librarian’s apprentice,  has an imagination that transcends the most elaborate of dreams.


“Dream up something wild and improbable… Something beautiful an full of monsters… All the best stories are.” (Taylor, 115)

Fueled by stories, books and fairy tales, since a very young age, Lazlo developed a life long obsession with a hidden city whose name, years ago, was stolen.

When the opportunity to meet this forgotten city arises, Lazlo feels like the mystery that has taken the most of his existence will be solved and his dream, at last, will be fulfilled.

However, upon arriving to his dream city, Lazlo unveils a mystery that not even the most ardent of dreamers or the most brilliant minds could begin to understand.

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This was a beautiful, fairy-tale-like story meant to be read slowly, to fully appreciate its charm. It’s a story for readers that appreciate language and a beautifully crafted writing style. It is poetic and fantastical, with an imaginary worthy of dreams, nightmares or paintings. Consequently, the title makes justice to its content, because the story seemed to be taken out of a vivid dream full of  monsters, gods, heroes and lost cities.

On the other hand, this book could’ve been shorter if some filler content was cut out. Although every paragraph was meant to enhance the reader’s experience inside the world and with the characters, it still dragged at times.

Moreover, I  didn’t appreciate the instalove that happened between our main characters. Because seeing too young people love each other so immensely after meeting approximately four times in their entire lives is all but appealing to me. Therefore I took down half a star.

Furthermore, I will be continuing on with the series and I would recommend if you don’t mind a slow pace story with overly descriptive language with many unusual and fantastical elements.



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