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The Winner’s Crime by Marie Rutkoski Book Review (non-spoiler)

Rating: 5/5

The second installment to the The Winner’s trilogy is even better than the first one.

Compared to the Winner’s Curse, the Winner’s Crime has a darker tone and a faster pace. The world building and character development are stronger, and the plot doesn’t focus so much on the romance but on Kestrel’s schemes.

Kestrel, once again, slayed.


Here we see a more cunning and politically savvy soon-to-be empress. A Kestrel that doesn’t rely on anyone but herself and bases her strategies on which will brings less casualties to both parties.

However, that proves to be difficult, since she’s under the constant scrutiny of the emperor and her father, after the rumors of her relationship with Arin spread throughout the empire. Therefore, she finds herself in situations that require sacrifices to prove herself to those she despises.

Kestrel, however, is smart enough to keep her deception and discover secrets to maintain the Herran people alive.

We also get introduced to new characters as well as new, interesting places such as the East, that promise to bring much more to the story in the last installment. Also, we see Arin’s  personality harden and become wiser. He definitely improved as a character.

Moreover,this series is worth the hype and I can’t wait to read the final installment, which I’m sure will be epic.

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