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The Skinjacker Trilogy by Neal Shusterman Series Review (non-spoiler)

After Nick and Allie suffer a car accident, they wake up in Everlost; a place between the dead and the living. In Everlost, they meet ancient, old, and new souls wondering the same things as them, why don’t they move on? why can some of them host living people’s bodies? What happens to them once they start sinking?

Although the series was good, it could’ve been better if it was made into a longer series; which is surprising for me to say since the majority of the trilogies I read could’ve been better with less books.

But, because this story was so complex and full of themes, it would’ve been ideal to fully explore it in a longer series. Nevertheless, I  enjoyed it and read it faster than any other series, ever.

Neal Shusterman, has a way that I love of writing his characters. He explores them, gives them intricate and realistic backgrounds, and takes them to their fullest potential. He writes them with diverse cultures and mentalities, which we can especially see in his Unwind Dystology. But because he came up with this amazing set of characters, I would’ve loved to know more about them.  However, I was left hanging in the air. Some characters came and went and that was that. We never hear from them again, even though they played such an important part in the story and that really upset me.

Moreover, there was too much romance in this story for my taste. Since the characters are so young, I didn’t think that it was necessary to give a significant other to almost all the main characters. However, although it wasn’t too overbearing, it was unrealistic.

On the other hand, this story was rich in plot twists. It was unpredictable most times and the suspense was on point, escalating quickly in its fast paced plot . The world building was very interesting as well, but it could’ve been explored more.

It was also funny at times too. Some of the friendships that form throughout the story started badly, and then, after they develop, they are so much fun to read about because of the clashing personalities. These unlikely alliances and friendships was one of the aspects I enjoyed the most.


Overall, some of the themes explored in the series are dark, (including death and murder) and because of this I wouldn’t recommend it to young children.

On the other hand, I recommend it to middle grade students and forward. Because it is an extremely original and imaginative story full of unforgettable characters and worth while themes. 

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