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R.I.P it or Ship it Book tag

(Tag created by emmmabooks.)*

Valentine’s Day is here, so lets Ship some characters together. Shall we?

Round #1= Simon Snow +Ollie

I ship this with all I got. 

For those who don’t know Ollie, he’s the most positive person. Even though he goes through tough and heartbreaking situations he always puts on a smile. He loves making others laugh and show them they can be better. Underneath however, he struggles with being different and longs to be a normal boy doing normal things.

Simon on the other hand is a naive, self righteous person. His sole purpose is doing the right thing and saving others. He’s your typical hero with a golden heart.

However, Ollie can’t be near electricity, because he’s allergic to it. On the other hand, with Simon’s magic who needs electricity? They have similar personalities and I feel that Ollie would be the perfect support Simon Snow needs when he’s in doubt and Simon would be the perfect shield Ollie needs from society.


Round #2= Blue Sargent+ Percy

This match is just too good.

I could imagine a world where Blue and Percy meet. Although, I do imagine them fighting a lot, I can also see it happening. Specially because Percy can’t stay still and Blue is always up for an adventure. Moreover, both Percy and Blue are very loyal and will do anything for the people they love. So, I do really see potential in their relationship.


Round #3= Effie Trinket+Akiva

Just, Nope!

Akiva is a brooding, self righteous, and amazing warrior that needs to be with an equally remarkable being who helps him stay strong. However, to me, Effie Trinket is just a tool. So, no. 

Akiva and Trinket.jpg

Round #4= Penryn+ Karou

Oh, Yes!

These two, favorite ladies of mine, have both fallen in love with Angels fighting for the opposite team. Both, have experienced forbidden love and have fought a deadly war to save their race. Moreover, this level of understanding can’t be dismissed.

I think that together they would not only make a bad-ass team, but also a beautiful relationship. I can see so much potential between the two. I love it!

Penryn and Karou.jpg

Round #5= Tessa Gray+ Alec Lightwood


I think that there is too much family history mixed together in there, plus Alec is gay, so I just don’t see it happening. Moreover, their personalities are not very strong. Therefore, they need more challenging counterparts to find balance; like Will to Tessa and Magnus to Alec.

Tessa and Alec.jpg

Round #6= Mabel+Will Herondale

I feel that Mable Rose is a simpler version of Tessa Gray.

She has Tessa’s personality without the magic. So, I think that the difference between the personalities of Will and Mable, just like the differences between Will and Tessa, could balance well. Therefore, I approve. Even though I think Will is an asshole.


Round #7= Magnus Bane+Gansey

mmm… nah.

To be honest, I can’t imagine Gansey be with anyone else other than Blue. His personality is difficult to describe, but might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Magnus, on the other hand, is too much to handle for Gansey. Therefore, I don’t think they would make a good couple. 

Magnus and Gansey.jpg

Round #8= Elizabeth Lightwood+ Evie O’neill

mmm… no.

They both have really strong personalities and I can’t imagine them being together in a romantic relationship; although, I think they have friendship potential.

Realistically, they would make a hot couple. However, I prefer to think of them as friends that team up every once in a while and maybe make out when they feel like to.

Evie and Elizabrth.jpg

Round #9= The Darkling+Ronan

Could this pairing be any hotter? I don’t think so. 

This relationship would just be so explosive and fun to watch. They may end up destroying one another, but then again, they are both really powerful and could piece themselves together and get back at it again.

the darking and ronan.jpg

Round #10= Adam+Cath


Although I love Cath, she’s a whiner, and I don’t think Adam would be up for that. Not only because it would trigger him, but because he needs someone grounded that helps him stay  strong throughout tough situations. Whereas Cath needs someone to pamper and listen to her.

Moreover, they don’t need another emotional baggage to carry on top of their own. Therefore, a relationship between these two would be unhealthy. So, no.

Cath and Adam.jpg

So, this is it. I hope you have enjoyed this fun tag and thanks for reading.


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