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Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs Book Review (non-spoiler)

Rating: 5/5 stars

As a child, Jacob admired his adventurous grandfather. As a teenager, he thought he was a liar. Abraham, has told his grandson, Jacob, about extraordinary children living in a secret island and terrible monsters hunting them down.  Jacob was the only one that believed him, but only when he was a child. However, when Jacob finds a letter addressed to his grandfather from Miss Peregrine, the mysterious headmistress of the children’s home, he embarks on an adventure to discover if everything his grandfather has told him all his life was indeed, true.  

 This novel was surprisingly good.

It symbolizes a war time scenario in which families were being persecuted by Nazis and driven away from their homes to live in orphanages thousands of miles away from their families and everything they’ve known.

The children: the refugees

The monsters: the Nazis 

The narrative used in this story revolves around a set of bizarre pictures, which appear to be authentic; recollected by people dedicated to searching and buying vintage photos like these.

Moreover, the characters is the book’s best feature. Other than their peculiarities, they were fun to read about. Some of their personalities were particularly interesting, although infuriating and annoying at times (the main character particularly). Their relationships were as complex and difficult as those of children in the real world.


However, the movie is nowhere near as interesting as the book. Asa Butterfield‘s acting was goddamn awful and the peculiars had no depth or personality development whatsoever. Although, Samuel L. Jackson and Ava Green performed well, it wasn’t enough to save the movie.

Although, the movie switched some of the characters’ personalities and abilities, the one that really bothered me was Bronwyn‘s interpretation (the super strong girl.) In the book, she is a hero and plays such an important role. On the other hand, in the movie she’s more of a comic relief. A cute little girl with ridiculous strength. Enoch’s character in the movie also bothered me because I liked him as a sociopathic little boy; and not as a jealous little cunt.

Overall, this is not a scary book. But it’s fun and interesting and I recommend it over the movie a million times more.



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