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Recap #1: January Reading Goals

January has been stressful and my reading-as- many- books-as- I- can enthusiasm has gone down the drain. I knew this was going to happen. It was obvious.  But at least, I managed to read  three novels, a novella and two comic book issues. Also, I only read one book from my reading goals post (of course.)


My rating: 2/5

Hollowed was the first book I finished this year and the worst so far. It was pointless, without any plot development or anything worth reading at all. After loving the first book, this was a huge disappointment.


My rating: 2/5

Moreover, after reading the atrocity that was Hallowed, I hoped this novella would redeem the series with Angela as one of the main characters. Because compared with the series’s main character Clara, she has good priorities as well as potential. But of course it was all ruined by the creepy romance that formed between her and an older than dirt angel.


My Rating: 4/5

This was fun as hell. Although the ending wasn’t particularly satisfying, the rest of the story was gripping. A new villain was introduced and was as disturbing if not more than the last one.  We also got to know more about Mike, the hacker, which may be my favorite character in the series. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be continuing with the last one.


My rating 5/5 

It deserves every bit of hype it has and much more. It read like a fairytale. A dark, twisted fairytale with diverse and interesting characters. The premise was very original and it was unlike anything I’ve read before. The narration for the audiobook was incredibly well done and I highly recommend it.


  My rating: 5/5

It was my kind of humor: dark, disgusting and insane. I’ll definitely continue reading the rest and make a comic book series review.  Or I’ll post a review for every five issues at a time. Either way, I will be posting about this series, because more people need to know how epic this is.

Overall, even though I didn’t read as much as I wanted to, and didn’t succeed in reading the books from my goals, I feel motivated to do better in February. To challenge myself and surpass the amount of books I read this past month. I feel motivated to post more book reviews and stick with my posting schedule. Also, to actually complete my read a 100 pages a day challenge which I miserably failed this month.

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