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Do Not Disturb by A.R. Torre Book Review (non-spoiler)

Rating: 4/5 stars

 “I will not kill anyone. Please help me God. I don’t know if its a worthy prayer. If God even listens to psychopaths.”

Last time, Deanna hunted down an enemy so disturbing, he made me shift uncomfortably on my seat within the fist lines of his view point. Someone Deanna stalked like a pray and who didn’t see her coming; but, deserved everything he got.

This time, however, she doesn’t have to go hunting anywhere. Because a more skillful and dangerous threat will willingly come to her after all;and, she’ll be waiting.


It’s undeniable that Torre’s strongest writing feature is with villains. She has no boundaries when it comes to narrating their minds filled with moral corruption and just pure wickedness. She’s not afraid of pushing boundaries and take it far. She doesn’t filter and I appreciate that.

In this installment, we see a Deanna that has tasted freedom, and blood. So now she’s not only dealing with her enhanced psychotic urges but with not getting out of her apartment, again.

We also get a POV from Mike, the hacker. We learn who he is and how he lives; having more in common with Deanna than anyone else. I especially enjoyed his perspective and has probably become my favorite character in the series.

We get to see more of the relationship between Deanna and her psychologist. There was a lot of tension and a weird understanding between them that has me wondering what will become of them in the last book.

However, even though I enjoyed this book, there were some things that could’ve been improved. Like the ending, which I thought came too quickly. For me, how everything wrapped up was way too easy. It could’ve thrived from more tension and anticipation, rather than having no complications and getting it over with quickly.

Moreover, an aspect that bothered me was Deanna and Jeremy’s relationship. He always behaved like a worshiping little poppy throughout the entirety of the book; even though Deanna was being shady most of the time. He was way too chill with her questionable behavior, like a good little puppet, whose only purpose is being the hot love interest. It’s obvious that he’s roll in the story is to look hot and being the love interest. Other than that I don’t see any potential for their relationship and I hope that gets sorted out in the last book.

Overall, even though it was not as good as the first one, it was a fast paced, thrilling read and I’m excited to finish the series.


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