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Every Heart A Doorway by Seanan McGuire Book Review (non-spoiler)

My Rating: 5/5

Once they unwillingly return from a place that understood them more than anything; where nonsense, wickedness and logic are nothing but directions to take; it seems impossible to cope once again with the normal world. However, it’s something most of them must relearn, since some doors only opened once and there is little hope for them to return back home.


Every Heart a Doorway is a dark fairy-tale-like book filled with magic and gore; that impacts so much in such a short amount of pages; from mystery, to magic, to sexuality, to murder, to friendships.

Admittedly, it was a lot darker than I expected. But, it pulled me in so deep, that I mentally struggled every time I had to stop listening to the audio book.

I enjoyed the characters more than anything else. Their clothing, their behavior, their darkness and their sexuality was unique. Their stories were very different from one another. The relationships that develop seem both unlikely and heartwarming at the same time; and although there is little to no romance in the story it didn’t feel necessary or that it was lacking on that department. Specially, since the friendships were pretty interesting and strong.

Another interesting and mostly original feature in this story is that while some of the children went to places with unicorns and rainbows others went to places that resembled a nightmare more than anything else.

“Most of you got unicorns and misty meadows. We got the Moors and, if there was a unicorn out there, it probably ate human flesh.” (160)

However, they didn’t mind, at the contrary, they thrived from the darkness of the worlds they visited. Consequently, not even the worlds that did have rainbows were as perfect either.

“I saw…I saw people fall. The rainbows were slippery. Even with the right shoes, you could fall through if you slowed down too much.’ ‘Someone disposed of those bodies,” (153)

Moreover, I listened to this on audiobook and Cynthia Hopkins did a hell of a good job narrating the story. As she narrated from the characters’ voices I pictured them clearly. She gave them all a different tone that fit exactly with their personalities, while at the same time keeping up the eerie feeling of the story.

Overall, Seanan McGuire was very ambitious with this novel and she definitely delivered.


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