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The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater Series Review (Non-Spoiler)

My Rating: 5/5

Blue has stayed away from Aglionby’s students, also known as the Raven boys; because, they are known to be trouble. This changes, however, when she gets swiped with them into an adventure of lost kings, love, murder, mystery and magic that will bond them forever. 


Although The Raven Boys’ synopsis implies it’s another YA romance with supernatural elements thrown in between, it’s actually the furthest thing from that.

This story is about friendship, sacrifice and destiny. 

The experience I had while reading these books was one I’ve never had before. Mainly because the writing style is so unique and alluring that I felt part of the story. As if I could reach inside the page.


One of the story’s strongest aspects is the atmosphere. Stiefvater’s writing style is so descriptive and lyrical that it provides a certain mood that I find hard to explain. The narrations about the scenery were so vividly described that I felt part of it. I felt as if I could step inside the page and experience everything for myself ant not through the characters’ eyes.

The plot, although slow, was refreshing. It’s not often you find a book about teenagers searching for a Welsh King while pulling stuff off dreams.

Lastly, the foremost aspect of the series is the characters. Throughout the books, the P.O.Vs switch from character to character, giving us a more thorough glimpse of what it’s like to be them. And each character is complex, groundbreaking and intriguing.

They are no cardboard cutouts like many others in YA literature, mainly because I could sympathize and relate to all of them.

Also, the dynamics between the characters was another best attribute of the novels. Their relationships were imperfect, complicated and realistic.

The boys loved each other in a way in which they wouldn’t hesitate  sacrificing their lives for each other. It is this kind of unflinching loyalty that makes the story so special.


Moreover, I appreciated that romance was not the main focus of the story. It’s there as a subplot, but it’s not used as the main characters’ drive. It’s not a priority to them. And what did happen romantic wise, was well developed. It wasn’t rushed and it was much more than physical. It felt true.

Also, there’s an LGBT aspect in it that stole my breath away.

Overall, the series is strong and thrilling and I just can’t recommend it enough. 


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