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The Girl in 6E by A.R. Torre Book Review (non-spoiler)

My rating: 5/5

Goodreads ratings: 3.83

Goodreads link:

“The first shrink I had said I have anthropophobia, which is fear of human interaction. Anthropophobia, mixed with an unhealthy dose of dacnomania, which is obsession with murder.”

Premise: Deanna Madden is psychotic and obsessed with killing. But, she knows it’s wrong and locks herself up in her apartment for three years. Surviving off of camming, having her groceries and pills delivered to her doorstep and having her addict neighbor locking her up at night in exchange for said pills. She even has a doctor and a psychologist that she talks to on the phone. So, she’s living quite comfortably and safe. Until she comes across a worse threat to society than she could ever be.

“I don’t mind being killer-crazy, but I don’t want to be loony-bin-crazy. That would probably be bad for business—a bit of a turnoff.”

This book was insane, but so good…


This novel is fast paced, thrilling, unputdownable, erotic, freaky, scary, hilarious, sarcastic, informative, chilling, raw, unfiltered and original.It was everything.

The main character is a sarcastic, smart, kick ass psycho that’ll kill without second thought given the opportunity. However, she knows she’s wrong, so she develops self control without anyone’s help.

She also develops an intricate system that keeps her safe and others as well. She is smart, ingenious and complex at best.

One of the things that I love the most about her, is that she feels comfortable with her body and sexuality. She’s not afraid of exploring her body nor is she ashamed of her profession. She thrives from it and is constantly improving. She doesn’t whine about her situation nor she feels sorry for herself.

She doesn’t need a man to survive. She does it all by herself.

Moreover, this story has a dual perspective P.O.V that allows the reader not only to know Deanna but her antagonist as well.

When I first read from his perspective I was very impressed with the author’s ability of writing such different voices for each character. I was never confused with whose perspective I was reading from whenever I switched chapters.

The antagonist in this story is scary, for being so realistic. The way he was written reminds me so much of how Gillian Flynn writes her characters, raw and unfiltered. His thoughts and desires were disturbing to read about, while at the same time so interesting and thrilling.

The plot had me at the edge of my bed and I couldn’t put the damn book down.

Moreover, you can tell by reading the book that the author did her research. She walked the extra mile by really investigating and immersing herself into the cam girl world before writing this book. Therefore, I learned a lot about the business and other things, which is always a plus in a book, especially if I wasn’t expecting to get anything else from it more than the entertainment.

*However, it has very graphic sexual content, and wouldn’t recommend to people sensitive to it.*

Overall, I thought this was one hell of a book and I’ll definitely read the sequels and everything else A.R. Torre has written so far.

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