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A Step Towards Falling by Cammie McGovern Book Review (non-spoiler)

My rating: 4.5/5

This story is about Belinda, Emily and Lucas and how keeping quiet can destroy a life.

Like in her debut novel, Say What You Will, Cammie McGovern’s writing was impactful. 

She creates awareness by using compelling storytelling, diverse and well developed characters and fully explored themes that change your perspective about things you thought you understood.

The topics she touched in this novel were

sexual assault, keeping quiet, avoiding subjects and misconceptions about people.

This story has a dual perspective P.O.V that worked incredibly well for a stronger narrative.

It allows the reader to understand Belinda, a  girl with developmental problems. By showing how she grows and changes throughout the story from a deeper and more emotional level.

The other perspective was from Emily, witness to Belinda’s sexual assault who didn’t tell anyone about it after it happened. Her actions weren’t intentional though, and we see how guilty and embarrassed she is by her actions. And not only that, but her desire to make things better.

A prominent theme in this story was about assuming things about people we don’t know.

First, the author debunks the misconception about disabled people and their inability to form romantic relationships or their inability to perform certain tasks because of their disability.

Second, assuming what people want or are not capable of doing based on their physical appearance.

“Apparently it’s possible to be legally blind, autistic, and gay.”

The majority of the growth and learning experience of the characters take part in the center for disabled people, where we are shown how diverse and complex they are. How they struggle to adapt and fit into a society that likes to judge and discriminate.

Overall, this is an amazing coming of age story that everyone should read. 

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