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My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga Book Review (Non-Spoiler)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Premise: Aysel and Roman met on a website for suicidal people, and now they’ve become suicide partners.

This is an impactful book that dives deep into the darkest corners of YA literature, with a beautiful writing style and powerful storytelling.

This book deals with depression and suicide in a realistic and non-glorifying manner.

It vividly portrays the sadness and struggles of two suicidal teenagers. And, because it’s such a powerful narrative you learn to care and wish them a happy ending.

But, life is not easy for them and both have to go through a journey that may or may not change their decision.

One of the aspects I appreciated the most, was the tone of the main character’s perspective. I felt from a deep, personal level, Aysel’s  hopelessness and loneliness, which had made her suicidal.

Something that didn’t happen overnight.

The family dynamics, also played a big part for me. Because even though the Aysel and Roman felt alone in their suffering, it was only because they failed to notice that others were always around for them. People did worry about them and were disposed to help if they needed them too. However, they were too blinded by their own destructive feelings that the majority of times they would dismiss them.

Also, the relationship that eventually develops in the story is a slow burning one, product of a deep emotional connection of empathy and understanding. Even as their relationship starts as a poisonous one, it transforms into the opposite.

As it progressed I saw their voids filling in and couldn’t help feeling an overwhelming sense of hope.

To summarize, this is not a story that romanticizes suicide or toxic relationships. It’s about finding the right people to talk to and not carrying  all the overwhelming emotional baggage alone. Because even as we might feel hopeless, there are always others that can offer help and support if you let them.

Because no one should go through these types of situations alone.

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