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Where Things Come Back by John Corey Whaley Book Review (non-spoiler)

Rating: 5/5
Publisher: Atheneum
Date: 2011

This book was exactly what I wanted in a YA contemporary novel.

It’s the type of book that leaves you numb after reading it. That makes your chest ache with sadness, anger and anticipation. It makes you want to hurl the book against a wall, makes you want to cry out loud and skip towards the end to see what’s going to happen.

This book is about loss and coping. About family, and friendship, and growing up, and the cruel realities that some people have to live through. But, above all, it is a book about hope.

There’s no need to say that I loved this book. The emotions portrayed by the characters felt so real and raw that I couldn’t not wish that everything turned all right for them.

Even though I have made it sound as a very depressing book, it actually isn’t. Yes, it stirred a cluster of feelings inside of me but I guess that was exactly the point of the author, to make you feel and think twice.

I highly recommend this book to all contemporary fiction lovers, even if they don’t read YA. I promise that this book is worthy and will leave a trail in your heart after you have read it.

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